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A World Leader in Fire Fighting & Water Control Equipment.


Recognized as the leader in water control equipment for over 60 years, STANG monitors put water where you want it, when you want it. STANG Industrial Products has an unequalled record in quality, design and service.


STANG's main product is its large variety of water monitors and related equipment, such as water nozzles and special hydrant manufacturing. Industry specific custom-engineered products are also available at competitive pricing with reasonable delivery times. In addition to their core business, STANG provides fabrication services to other industries using ASME Boiler Code certified welders.


Their state-of the art facility is based in Corona, CA where STANG Industrial has a long and successful record of servicing many different industries such as:


HF Mitigation
Pulp and paper
Oil refining
Water truck- off road/on road
Wild land vehicles


STANG also designs products for landscaping and dust abatement/vapour knockdown.


STANG monitors are remarkably flexible and easy to use. Compact and relatively lightweight, they can be easily moved from one location to another, mounted on a truck, attached to a tower, or simply put on the ground. They can be controlled hydraulically, electrically or manually. For special applications, certain models can also be equipped for automatic operation, integrating technology in controls such as PLC (programmable logic circuits) and feedback systems, and run unattended.


STANG monitors employ a unique patented design that balances the water pressure within the gun itself to a degree that provides perfect one-man control, regardless of the volume of water being handled. Because of this "balance design", the monitor–regardless of its size, volume or pressure–is easily moved both horizontally and vertically, putting less strain on drive components. Important too, the monitor tends to "stay" in the position it is being aimed. Literally hundreds of horsepower of water pumping capacity can be handled by a touch of the finger. This design, because of its versatility, has been applied to monitors for practically every purpose from small, portable 1.5" units to giant 12" monitors capable of hurling thousands of gallons of water per minute to its target.


STANG monitors are equally effective in handling fog or foam.